Why Work at Aries Industries?

Thinking about a job at Aries Industries? We believe you should work here because we are a family oriented company. We are a privately held company, where our employees support each other. We are an accountable, values-based organization.

We not only work together, we also work out together. We have a nationally recognized wellness program, including a fitness center.

We make cool products. The robotic technology that we use goes into some of the most challenging environments in the world. We employee engineers, assembly technicians, repair technicians and CNC machine operators. They have a lot of different talents that go into making our products and servicing our customers.

Over the years we’ve had husbands and wives, and sons and daughters working here. People feel strongly enough about working for Aries, that they want to invite the family into the organization. What that says about our culture is that this is a family oriented environment and that we do support each other. We believe in the same things. And we’re all about working together to supply solutions for our customers.


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