Video Inspection / Pathfinder Series

Steerable Pathfinder Series Navigates the Toughest Obstacles

Aries Pathfinder and Pathfinder XL are versatile and powerful pipeline inspection systems. A Pan & Tilt camera with self-cleaning lens, a rear-facing camera and a camera lift provides clear images for accurate assessments.

The Pathfinder Model TR3310 provides upgraded operator control and speed with improved main drive components. An electric lift keeps the camera centered operating in 6-inch and larger pipe.

The Pathfinder XL operates in 8-inch and larger pipes.

Both Pathfinder models operate with the Portable Pathfinder Reel. Learn More

Pathfinder Transporter (TR3310)


Improved drive components in this upgraded system provide longer life in harsh pipe conditions. Forward weight distribution results in better traction for longer pulls and faster inspections. An adjustable electric camera lift with a 7.1-inch extension keeps the camera centered in a wide range of pipe sizes for full visibility.

With various wheel sizes, the Pathfinder sets-up quickly to match pipe contours. A standard configuration tractor operates in 6-inch to 24-inch diameter relined pipe. A Large Line Kit provides navigation in pipes up to 36-inch diameter and larger.



  • Better traction and small profile for great maneuverability
  • More power for greater pulling distance
  • Fast camera retrieval with rear-facing camera and free-wheel mode
  • Rugged construction ensures long service life

The Model TR3310 can be operated by the new Aries Master Controller. Remote operation is controlled via a dual joystick Xbox 360® controller. The Pathfinder can also be used with a legacy controller.



A standard configuration tractor operates in 6-inch to 24-inch diameter relined pipe. A Large Line Kit provides navigation in pipes up to 36-inch diameter and larger.

The Aries WiperCam is the industry’s only mainline camera with an in-the-pipe lens cleaning system. The Pan and Tilt Camera with a 300° viewing angle gives the operator a complete view of the mainline and laterals. An optional high-power, detachable light head illuminates the wide field of view.

Pathfinder XL Transporter (TR3400)


The Pathfinder XL pipeline inspection system operates in 8-inch or larger pipe. A Pan & Tilt camera with self-cleaning lens provides clear images for accurate assessments.

This tractor offers many versatile features:

  • A six-wheel drive system to match pipe size, contour and pipe conditions
  • Integral camera lift is remotely operated to center the camera in the pipe
  • Rear viewing camera facilitates fast retrieval
  • Compact design navigates difficult inverts and entries
  • Auxiliary LED lighting illuminates large pipes
  • On-screen diagnostics monitor transporter conditions
  • Sealed and pressurized motor and electronics enclosures
  • Integral 512Hz sonde/locating beacon
  • Made from stainless steel, brass and other corrosion-resistant parts


Clear Video

  • Pan & Tilt Camera with in-the-pipe lens cleaning system
  • Ultra-light sensitive (1.0 lux) with an LED lighting system
  • 40x zoom capability
  • Auxiliary high-power light head


  • Compact design for great maneuverability
  • Increased power main drive motors capable of pulling 15% more cable
  • Operates in power forward, power reverse, steer-left, steer-right and free-wheeling modes


  • Improved sealing of three separate cavities to prevent moisture intrusion
  • Remote control with Xbox 360® controller provides ease-of use
  • Rear tip-up cable connection with secure twist-lock mechanism
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