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Powerful Cutters for Milling and Lateral Reinstatement

Aries’ durable cutters are used for reinstating service laterals after relining. They also efficiently cut and mill other material for pre-lining prep work.

The self-propelled Wolverine® is available in air-powered and electric-powered models. It cuts through difficult material rapidly and precisely, working in pipes up to 32 inches.

Aries’ Raptor is a basic air-powered tool with four slide sizes for operation in lines to 21 inches.


Wolverine Cutting System


3.2-Wolverine-flippedAries’ powerful cutting system easily cuts through difficult material rapidly, precisely and cleanly. The Wolverine is designed for fast, efficient set-up and tear-down for high productivity.

The self-propelled, wheeled cutter features a high-powered cutting motor that delivers up to 3.35 HP at 12,000 rpm (air-powered) and 4.0 HP at 7,000 rpm (electric-powered). Electric models offer cleaner and more fuel efficient operation. They can be used for water main rehabilitation.

The compact design, with multiple wheel configurations, operates in 6- to 18-inch pipes (Model CT1700 or CT1750), or in 10-inch unlined to 30-inch lined pipe (Model CT4000 or CT4050) with the addition of a large line kit. A stabilizing lift ensures balanced operation for safe and forceful cutting.



3.2-Wolverine-Retrofit-2Aries’ versatile Wolverine cuts rapidly with three axis control using a dual joystick. A “fourth axis” option enables the cutting head to be tilted.

The system operates reliably with stainless steel and brass construction. Integrated electrical cabling increases durability and maneuverability. The tractor’s all-wheel drive delivers high traction. A low center of gravity and balanced weight ensure navigation of difficult pipeline.



3.2-Wolverine-Require-2The Wolverine system uses a dedicated reel with cable length determined by model type:

Air-powered – 460 feet (610 feet with extension)
Electric-powered – 390 feet

Operating in pipes from 10-inch unlined to 30-inch lined requires Model CT4000 or CT4050 with the addition of a Large Line Kit.

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Raptor Cutter

3.2-RaptorAries’ basic, non-propelled cutter provides remote controlled cutting for reinstating laterals operating in pipes from 6 to 21 inches. The Raptor is also effective for pre-lining work: removing concrete, tree roots, rubber rings, metal, and various deposits.

The operator can view cutting progress using a CCTV camera towed in front of the cutter from a downstream manhole by an electric winch.

Four slide sizes provide from 1-1/2 to 4-inch vertical lift enabling efficient operation in various pipe sizes. The 2.75-inch diameter ram can travel 7.0 inches horizontally. Two cutting motor options are available: 0.7 or 0.9 HP.

The Raptor is manufactured from stainless steel and bronze components for durability and long life. Motor and clutch life is maximized with a double-sealed and pressurized body to prevent damage from moisture.



  • Self-cleaning lens and water jet ensures clear view during cutting
  • Stabilizing lift provides greater balance for increased cutting force


  • All-wheel drive and low center of gravity for traction and maneuverability
  • High-power cutting motor delivers 3.35 HP at 12,000 RPM


  • Three-axis articulation and optional 4th axis (tilt) provides precise cutting
  • Uses readily-available bits to match the specific cutting application
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