Rehabilitation / Anaconda UV System


The Anaconda® rehabilitation method uses a light source that emits ultraviolet light as it is pulled through the flexible, resin-impregnated liner. The UV light cures and hardens the liner, forming a new tight-fitting, joint-free pipe.


CCTV Inspection Before and During the Cure

3.1-Anaconda-CCTV-2An integral video camera inspects the pipeline while the train is initially pulled through the inflated liner. This ensures that the liner is properly fitted. Adjustments can be made to eliminate any sags or wrinkles before and during the curing process.

The integral camera features an efficient LED light ring to clearly illuminate the inside of the liner.

With no need to invert the liner, UV curing requires less equipment and smaller crews. Clean installation with fewer set-ups reduces service disruptions.

An Efficient, Dependable Curing Process

3.1-Anaconda-CuringThe UV process requires no hot water or steam, eliminating the steam truck. Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 90%.

This environmentally-friendly dry process prevents lingering odor and potential downstream contamination. With no cool-down period, lateral reinstatement can start immediately.

Three UV Systems to Meet Specific Lining Requirements

Aries offers three UV Curing System packages. Each option contains various size UV light sources and packers for lining a range of pipe sizes. The packers have appropriate air couplings to connect to the blower hose.

  • Compact CCU: Mobile unit with 200 m (656 feet) cable for 6- to 48-inch pipe
  • Basic Reel: Truck-mounted unit with 200 m (656 feet) cable for 6- to 48-inch pipe
  • Pro Reel: Truck-mounted unit with 300 m (984 feet) cable for 6- to 63-inch pipe

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Compact Mobile Unit for Small Applications

The CCU Mobile UV control unit is compact but can install lining in pipe up to 48-inch diameter. The wheeled unit, which weighs 1200 lb, can be trailer mounted or retrofitted to an existing vehicle. This compact unit allows installation flexibility – other needed equipment (a compressor, for example) can be brought to the site separately.

This complete system powers the UV lights and automatically controls their speed during the curing process. It includes a monitor, automatic cable retrieval and 200 m (656 feet) of cable.

Vehicle Provides a Professional Working Platform

3.1-Anaconda-VehicleAries’ vehicle-mounted UV Curing System provides liner installation on pipes with diameters to 63 inches. The truck-mounted Basic Reel contains 200 m (565 feet) of cable, with a Pro Reel option for 300 m (985 feet).

A diesel generator powers the mechanical systems, the CCTV camera and the UV lights. The blower system is sized to accommodate the large lining for the large pipe diameters to 63 inches.
The truck-mounted curing drum/reel ensures that the light train is retracted through the pipe at the preset speed to exactly meet the prescribed curing time. The electronic panel inside the control room monitors and records the curing process, controls the UV lights on the train, and displays and logs the inspection video and data.



  • Liner is ready to install with no wet-out and little prep work
  • No hot water usage eliminates the steam truck for less fuel consumption
  • With no cool-down period, lateral reinstatement can start immediately


  • Twelve-month liner shelf life with no need for refrigeration
  • Fast installation and less equipment minimize site disruption
  • Process eliminates lingering odor and downstream contamination


  • UV curing produces consistent, dependable results
  • Strong fiberglass composite liner has a 50- to 80-year service life
  • High structural integrity results in thinner walls for less flow loss
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