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“We want to push the envelope. Look at the Wolverine. That takes us beyond inspection, but it’s a natural extension of what we do. It makes sense for our customers. UV lining. What’s so great about that? Well, felt lining just gives you a seal. UV lining actually provides structural support. Our Anaconda plays a big role in that area. These are two examples of how we are expanding our technology.”Bill Huelsman, Aries Industries, Inc., Co-founder

Your opinion matters. Based upon customer feedback, we’ve significantly rebuilt our product line over the last few years.

The self-propelled Wolverine® Cutting System advances the trenchless technology industry, providing a fast and powerful lateral reinstatement tool. The Anaconda® UV Curing System introduces the newest technology in CIPP lining to the United States.

The mobile Explorer inspection system completely integrates the inspection operation in a compact, mobile unit, to help contractors and well owners better understand actual borehole conditions.

Major upgrades to the Pathfinder inspection system and LETS 6.0 Lateral Evaluation Television System combine innovative design with the latest highly-technical electronics to better inspect, acquire and manage data.

These revolutionary products demonstrate our team’s commitment to offering our customers best-in-class equipment. We are building momentum by rebuilding our technology.

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