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Trade shows are a perfect opportunity to learn about our newest technology and see our products in action. We'd like to discuss how our rugged equipment can benefit you, and help preserve the integrity of your pipelines and boreholes. And you can help us better understand your needs. Mark your calendar to see us at a show near you.

BCWWA Conference and Trade Show

Dates: May 28-May 29, 2017

Trenchless Technology Road Show

Dates: Sep 25-Sep 27, 2017

ICUEE Exposition

Dates: Oct 3-Oct 5, 2017

NJLM Conference

Dates: Nov 14-Nov 17, 2017

NGWA Groundwater Week Expo

Dates: Dec 5-Dec 7, 2017

Past Events

International 2017 No-Dig Show

Dates: Apr 9-Apr 13, 2017
Visitors to our booth at the NASTT NO-DIG show learned the advantages of using Aries’ cutting and UV lining systems for pipeline  rehabilitation. These systems can  increase the productivity on your trenchless rehab projects.

IAWEA Conference

Dates: Mar 2-Mar 3, 2017
The IAWEA 2017 Collection Systems Conference was held on March 1-3, 2017 at the Best Western Regency Inn in Marshalltown. Read More


Dates: Feb 22-Feb 25, 2017
Thanks to everyone who visited our booth at WWETT 2017 to discuss your needs. We were pleased to demo our rugged and reliable equipment that can give you the long life and the performance you need to keep your crews running longer. Read More

TGWA Convention and Trade Show

Dates: Jan 24-Jan 27, 2017
The Texas Groundwater Association Convention and Trade Show included seminars, business meetings and exhibits with the latest technology.  Visitors to the show Aries’ water well inspection equipment, including the updated mobile Explorer system.  Read More

NGWA Groundwater Week

Dates: Dec 6-Dec 8, 2016
Over 5000 professionals attended Groundwater Week in Las Vegas. Many visitors saw our trailer-mounted solution for well inspection and the updated Aries mobile Explorer. Both systems efficiently evaluate well conditions with clear, easy-to-manage video. Read More

New Jersey League of Municipalities Conference

Dates: Nov 15-Nov 17, 2016
Atlantic City, NJ Read More

Thanks for Visiting Us at the NASTT No-Dig Show!

Dates: Mar 21-Mar 22, 2016
We were glad to meet with many customers and friends at this year’s No-Dig 2016 in Dallas. The show focused on one objective: helping you maximize your investment in trenchless technologies, services and applications. Visitors to our booth saw our video inspection and rehabilitation systems. We discussed how our rugged and reliable equipment can provide long life and the performance needed to keep your crews running longer. Read More

Thanks for visiting us at the WWETT Show!

Dates: Feb 17-Feb 20, 2016
Visitors to the Aries booth at WWETT 2016 saw our video inspection and rehabilitation systems. We appreciate the opportunity to discuss how our rugged and reliable equipment can give you long life and the performance you need to keep your crews running longer. Read More

Thanks for Visiting Us at the NGWA Expo

Dates: Dec 16-Dec 17, 2015
It was great to meet with customers and visitors at the Ground Water show in Las Vegas. It was an opportunity to discuss how Aries water well inspection systems can reduce costly, unnecessary repairs. Read More


Product Service Schools, Education Sessions and Equipment Demos are examples of our best-in-class service. On-site training by a professional service technician is offered with rehabilitation equipment purchases. Service Schools include regular small group courses on product operation, preventive maintenance and equipment repair offered at our various facilities.

Contact Aries Service to learn about the next product Service School near you: [email protected], Tel:800-234-7205

Past Events


Dates: Feb 22, 2017
Aries presented a 60-minute Education Session on UV-cured Lining, sponsored by NASSCO. Over 100 attendees g0t answers to their questions about this . Read More

Georgia UV Demo Days

Dates: May 19-May 21, 2016
The UV Demos in Georgia were an opportunity to learn more about UV-Cured CIPP lining that ensures effective rehabilitation of aging sewer lines and effectively reduces water infiltration. The quick, two-hour “Lunch and Learn” sessions in Savannah and Atlanta demonstrated how this technology results in a better, stronger product with longer life. Read More

UV Demos in BC, Canada, and in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Dates: May 1-May 31, 2016
Two recent UV-cured lining demos in British Columbia, Canada, and Waukesha, Wisconsin, provided attendees a better understanding of the process and the benefits of UV lining technology. The BC “Lunch and Learn” session was co-sponsored by Aries Industries, Inc., and Cubex Limited. The UV demo in Waukesha was presented by Aries and SAERTEX multicom® Gmbh. Read More

Grout School

Grout Schools held at each of our facilities help engineers, operators and inspectors understand how and why injection grouting stops ground water infiltration. These two-day workshops, conducted by the experts at Aries, Avanti and Logiball, include sewer test and seal equipment operation, maintenance and mixing workshop.


Dates: May 10-May 11, 2017
Our expert panel from Aries, Avanti and Logiball will present this comprehensive overview of injection grouting. The Municipal Sewer Grout School will help you understand how and why injection grouting stops groundwater infiltration into sewer collections. Read More

Past Events

Municipal Sewer Grout School – Houston

Dates: Jan 11-Jan 12, 2017
Our panel from Aries, Avanti and Logiball presented this comprehensive overview of injection grouting. The school provided hands-on demonstrations of equipment and the test-and-seal process. Read More

West Coast Grout Boot Camp Well Attended

Dates: Apr 6-Apr 7, 2016
Our panel from Aries, Avanti and Logiball presented an overview of injection grouting to participants at Aries facility in Fresno, California, in April. The first ever west coast grout school attracted sewer professionals from as far away as Alaska, Canada and Argentina. Read More

October 2015 Grout Boot Camp in Atlanta Well Attended

Dates: Oct 21-Oct 22, 2015
Chemical grout mixing, testing and equipment operation was the focus of the Aries Grout Boot Camp held at Aries’ Lithia Springs, Georgia, facility. Attendees from around the country learned about grout testing requirements for compliance with NASSCO/ICGA specifications. Read More


Our Best Practices Workshops allow us to share our experience and knowledge gained during years of designing and in-the-field training of our equipment. Whether you’re a veteran or new to the industry, these sessions can help you improve your assessments, operate your systems more efficiently and keep your equipment working longer.


Dates: Jun 12, 2017
FRESNO, CA – We would like to share some of the best practices we have learned during 30 years of designing and building inspection equipment. Learn how to improve your assessments, operate your systems more efficiently and keep your equipment working longer. Whether you’re a veteran or new to the industry, our workshop can help you improve the way you operate.


Dates: Aug 21, 2017
LITHIA SPRINGS, GA – Mark your calendar to attend Aries’ Best Practice Workshop for mainline and lateral inspections at the Aries Georgia facility. Our experts will be sharing twelve ways to boost your productivity and profits. Key tips will include nine things to look for in the pipe, organizing and protecting your data, maximizing inspection speed and efficiency, and how pro-active maintenance can save time and money.

Best Practices Workshop – Mainline and Sewer Inspection

Dates: Sep 18, 2017
FRESNO, CA – Whether you’re a veteran or new to the industry, you can benefit from this free informative workshop. Our experts will share twelve ways to improve the efficiency of your mainline and lateral inspections. Mark your calendar for this annual opportunity to increase your knowledge.


Dates: Oct 16, 2017
WAUKESHA, WI – Today’s advanced cutting systems allow quick and efficient lateral reinstatement. Our experts will share tips on how to get the most out of your equipment. Mark your calendars to attend this workshop on improving your productivity.

Past Events

Best Practices Workshop – Sewer Inspection

Dates: Mar 20, 2017
ONTARIO, CANADA – This Best Practices Workshop was presented by Aries Canada Ltd. Participants learned how to improve their mainline and lateral inspection efficiency. Both sewer inspection veterans and those new to the industry were glad they attended.  

Sewer Inspection Best Practices Workshop

Dates: Nov 17, 2016
WAUKESHA, WI – Over 30 contractors and municipal professionals attended the all-day session on best practices for mainline and lateral inspections.  The program included tips on efficiently operating and maintaining equipment.

Water Well Best Practices Workshop in Fresno

Dates: Oct 27, 2016
This informative workshop shared tips to improve operators’ water well inspection efficiency. The free one-day session had ideas appreciated by veterans and newer workers in the industry. The workshop was held at our Fresno, California, facility.

Sewer Data Management Webinar

Dates: Jan 13, 2016
You can now watch this seminar at your convenience. Sponsored by Trenchless Technology and presented by Aries and Peninsular Technologies, the presentation helped participants select software for inspection data collection and management. It included case studies and software demonstrations. Read More