Products to Preserve Underground Infrastructure

Aries’ high-performance inspection and rehabilitation equipment helps our customers be successful working in
harsh, demanding environments. Our experienced engineers and skilled assembly teams design and build robust products to meet the unique requirements of these specific industries:

Sewer   Water Well   Oil & Gas   Mining

We understand your needs and we are committed to supporting our technical products with expert service before and after the sale. We keep your crews operating faster,longer and deeper to maximize your uptime and your productivity.


Aries is one of the largest suppliers of pipeline inspection equipment to municipalities and their contractors in the United States. Video cameras combine robust construction with highly-technical electronics to inspect, acquire and manage data. The industry’s first self-cleaning lens ensure clear images to make quick, accurate assessments.

Robust, self-propelled transporters operate with high speed over long distances. A combination of power and balance provides traction and maneuverability, working in 6- to 72-inch diameter pipe.

Aries’ introduction of the Wolverine Cutting System advanced the trenchless technology industry, providing a powerful, fast lateral reinstatement tool. The steerable tractor, with multiple wheel configurations, operates in 6- to 32-inch diameter pipe. A self-cleaning camera lens, fast set-up and tear-down, and a robust construction, ensure high productivity.

Aries’ Anaconda UV Curing System introduced the newest technology in CIPP lining to the United States. Uniform curing with one-third less time than steam-cured processes requires less equipment, smaller crews and less fuel. Quality installation is ensured with CCTV video inspection of the lining before and during the cure.

An Aries’ grout truck is a complete test and seal system that halts leaks in sewer mains and laterals. Grouting is the solution for municipalities which need to eliminate costly ground water infiltration in structurally-sound pipeline, to reduce costly treatment of diluted sewage.

Vehicle-mounted systems provide a professional working platform for inspection and rehabilitation. Trailers, trucks and cargo vans are custom outfitted, providing easy operation with state-of the-art control centers. de long life.

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Water Well

Water wells require regular inspection to ensure proper operation, to enhance the life of the system and to monitor water quality.

Aries has been a global leader supplying video inspection cameras and complete systems for over 40 year. We help contractors and well owners to fully understand the actual conditions of boreholes and water supply lines. By identifying potential problems before they become more serious, costly and unnecessary well repairs can be reduced.

Aries’ downhole inspection cameras capture clear video at depths ranging from 500 to 5000 feet. Three cameras are available: The Slim-line WC Series for bores as small as 2 inches; BT Series for bores of 4-inches and larger; and large diameter SC Series cameras for bores of 6 inches and larger. The large diameter cameras are ideal for mine shafts, tanks and open cavernous areas.

The Explorer is a mobile borehole inspection system. This completely integrated system inspects wells at depths to 1200 feet. It is easily set-up by one operator for quick evaluations of wells increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. The Explorer supports geophysical logging, providing high-quality side and downhole images.

Aries mobile systems combines a camera, an electric winch with up to 5000 feet of cable, a control unit and recording device, with on-screen titling.

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Oil & Gas

Inspection of oil and gas boreholes and distribution pipelines is critical to managing maintenance costs, and to ensure uninterrupted service to customers.

Aries’ expertise and experience in both horizontal sewer pipeline inspection and vertical water well inspection is an asset to oil & gas contractors and well owners. Real-time video inspection can confirm actual conditions, and can facilitate the quick repair or other required process. By identifying potential problems before they become more serious, costly and unnecessary well repairs can be reduced.

Oil well service contractors use Aries borehole video cameras to inspect shallow oil & gas wells of less than 5000 feet in depth. These deposits are typically closer to the surface and reached through conventional vertical drilling.

The Explorer is a mobile, integrated borehole inspection system. It supports geophysical logging, providing high-quality side and downhole images.

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Shifting pipes or boreholes and unstable areas are typical risks in a mine environment. Real-time video is critical to inspect service boreholes, vent shafts, cage and skip compartments, cavities and other areas where personnel cannot gain access.

Aries’ expertise and experience in horizontal sewer pipeline inspection and vertical water well inspection is an asset to mining contractors and owners.

An Aries pipeline inspection system can explore tight and unstable areas in the mine. Robust, self-propelled tractors, with Pan & Tilt Zoom Cameras, provide superior traction and maneuverability. Ultra-light sensitivity, a 40X zoom lens and high intensity LED array provides superior images. Learn more

Aries’ downhole video cameras are specialized tools for mining applications. On-screen diagnostics monitors internal pressure, humidity and camera temperature. No moving parts reduces maintenance. Single conductor, dual-armored steel cable is used to transmit video, and suspend and lower the camera. A ring light is available for open air, lost tool and fishing applications.

The large diameter SC Series Pan & Tilt camera efficiently inspects and evaluates mining pipelines. It also supports geophysical logging. The camera operates in boreholes of 6.0 inches and larger – up to 120 feet when not submerged in water. With a maximum depth of 5000 feet (not submerged) this camera is ideal for mine shafts, tanks and open cavernous areas. Learn more

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Aries designed and built the video camera that was lowered a half mile underground, letting rescuers and families know that the 33 trapped miners were alive. When the mine collapsed on August 5, 2010, the rescue became international news. As rescue teams drilled a hole wide enough to extract the men, they recorded a 40-minute video, speaking to their families and thanking the rescue crews. After 69 days, all 33 men were brought safely to the surface by a winching operation that lasted nearly 24 hours.

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