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Inspection and Rehab Systems: Powerful. Fast. Productive.


Thanks to everyone who visited our booth to discuss your needs. We were pleased to demo our rugged and reliable equipment that can give you the long life and the performance you need to keep your crews running longer.


Here’s a review of what visitors saw:

Wolverine Cutting System – Powerful and Productive

The self-propelled Wolverine® is available in air-powered and electric-powered models. It cuts through difficult material rapidly and precisely, working in pipes up to 32 inches. The durable cutter features a high-powered cutting motor that delivers up to 3.35 HP at 12,000 rpm (air-powered) and 4.0 HP at 7,000 rpm (electric-powered). Electric models offer cleaner and more fuel efficient operation.

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Anaconda UV Curing System for Consistent Lining Installation

An integral video camera inspects the pipeline while the train is initially pulled through the inflated liner. This ensures that the liner is properly fitted. Adjustments can be made to eliminate any sags or wrinkles before and during the curing process. With no need to invert the liner, UV curing requires less equipment and smaller crews. Clean installation with fewer set-ups reduces service disruptions.

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little-lets-systemDo More with LETS!

See a demonstration of the LETS 6.0, Aries’ completely upgraded Lateral Evaluation Television System. This new technology operates in 6-inch and larger mainlines. A contoured chute enables the lateral camera to be easily deployed with or against the flow at a 135-degree launch angle. A powerful, unibody tractor design reduces pipe interference to maneuver quickly through harsh mainline pipe conditions.

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Aries Pathfinder Offers Improved Reliability

The Aries Pathfinder Model TR3310 is a powerful, steerable pipeline inspection system. The tractor provides longer life with improved main drive components. An adjustable electric camera lift to 7.1 inches keeps the camera centered in a wide range of pipe sizes for full visibility. With various wheel sizes, the Pathfinder sets-up quickly for operation in 6-inch to 36-inch diameter relined pipe and larger.

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