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Three New Mobile Inspection Systems: Portable. Powerful. Productive.


Thanks to our customers and friends for visiting our booth to discuss pipeline inspection requirements. Aries’ booth featured our newest mobile inspection systems. Hands-on demos allowed visitors to experience the ease and effectiveness of these compact, integrated systems. We also featured three completely outfitted vehicles, including a Cutter Van with Aries’ powerful Wolverine® Cutting System.

Mobile Pathfinder System

Mobile Pathfinder System – Lightweight Reel, Pathfinder Tractor and Wipercam Camera

An electric lift allows the WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera to be centered in pipes from 6- to 36-inch and larger. An all-in-one controller operates the reel, tractor, camera and LED light arrays.

The controller with a 20-ft cable can be hand-held or desktop mounted. It operates the components in the integrated Mobile Pathfinder. The unit controls the lightweight reel, a steerable Pathfinder Series tractor, the WiperCam Pan & Tilt camera and efficient LED light arrays.

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Sentinel Inspection System – Sharp Video in Difficult-to-Access Locations

The lightweight, integrated Sentinel can be truck mounted or transported on an ATV or in the bed of a pickup for great mobility. This new system accurately assesses mainline pipes from 8- to 36-inches. It combines a lightweight reel, a quick set-up tractor and a new state-of-the-art camera.

A controller with an 8.4-inch LED screen provides convenient all-in-one operation. The Pan & Tilt camera with a manual lift keeps the camera centered for wide-angle inspection with various wheel sizes and a Large Line Kit. The Sentinel was designed with minimal parts facilitating long service life and low-maintenance.

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Seeker 2.0 – Self-Contained Portable Inspection System

The all new compact Seeker 2.0 provides quality video with integral recording and a large keyboard. The easy-to-use, contractor-grade system operates in pipes of 3 inches or larger. Weighing only 40 pounds, the unit is a self-contained system with no external wiring. It can also be used in a CCTV vehicle.

The system combines a lightweight reel with 195 feet of cable, a power-supply/control unit and a 10.40-inch LCD screen. Two cameras are available: a self-leveling straight view camera or a Pan & Tilt camera.

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Wolverine® Cutting System – For Reinstatement and Pre-lining Work

Aries’ powerful Wolverine® easily cuts through difficult material rapidly, precisely and cleanly. The system is designed for fast, efficient set-up and tear-down for high productivity.

The self-propelled, wheeled cutter features a high-powered cutting motor that delivers up to 3.35 HP at 12,000 rpm (air-powered) and 4.0 HP at 7,000 rpm (electric-powered). Aries’ versatile Wolverine® cuts rapidly with three axis control using a dual joystick. A “fourth axis” option enables the cutting head to be tilted.

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