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We were glad to meet with customers and friends at the WEQ Demo Fair at Wisconsin State Fair Park. Visitors had an opportunity to see and use Aries’ new inspection and rehabilitation equipment.

Aries’ Wolverine is an Efficient, Self-propelled Cutting System

The Wolverine is a powerful and durable system for cutting, milling and reinstating laterals. The system easily cuts through difficult material rapidly, precisely and cleanly. The Wolverine® is designed for fast, efficient set-up and tear-down for high productivity.

The self-propelled cutter features a high-powered cutting motor that delivers up to 3.35 HP at 12,000 RPM (air-powered) and 4.0 HP at 7,000 RPM (electric-powered). Various wheel configurations are available with models that can operate in 6- to 18-inch and 8- to 32-inch pipe.

The Wolverine system can easily be retrofitted to any vehicle to upgrade existing cutting technology. The tractor’s all-wheel drive delivers high traction. A low center of gravity and balanced weight ensure navigation of difficult pipeline.

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Aries’ Pathfinder is a Powerful Transporter for Mainline Sewer Inspections

Improved drive components in this upgraded system provide longer life in harsh pipe conditions. Forward weight distribution results in better traction for longer pulls and faster inspections.

An adjustable electric camera lift with a 7.1-inch extension keeps the camera centered in a wide range of pipe sizes for full visibility.

With various wheel sizes, the Pathfinder sets-up quickly to match pipe contours. A standard configuration tractor operates in 6-inch to 24-inch diameter relined pipe. A Large Line Kit provides navigation in pipes up to 36-inch diameter and larger.

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Thanks for visiting us at the show!