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Aries’ entry-level software integrates seamlessly with leading camera inspection systems. This application offers a profitable solution to small municipalities and contractors with basic requirements to manage their inspection data.


Software and Overlay Functions

5.1-SoftwareFunctionsPipeOptix® combines the essential tools to manage and use collected inspection data, to create reports, and manipulate and query data to support rehabilitation recommendations.

  • Primary functions include: Mainline Inspection; Lateral Inspection; Inline Lateral; New Inspection (start/fill in header/naming convention/create folder); Begin recording; Log Incidents; Pause recording; Stop recording (hide preview/load inspection video)
  • Auxiliary Functions include: Change Staging Path (set default data storage location); Import Last Header Data; Automatic search for capture device and overlays; Take Snapshots; Adjust Video Quality Settings (good/better/best); Show Help; Change Inspection Units (feet or meters); Camera Direction Indicator; Print Reports: top view, side view, detail list, defect snapshot, inclination, PACP standard report; Interface Inclinometer Data (log, display graphs, print reports); Export Project Data to NASSCO database
  • Overlay Functions include: Test Button; Inspection Information Customization (displayed information and location specifics); Display Alternate Information (Work Order, etc.); Input, reset and preset distances; Reverse distance counter; Continuous defect endpoint button, Reset inclinometer

Software Module Applications


  • Vehicle Installed Primary Inspection includes: Primary Acquisition (secured); Create New Data, Open, View, Edit, Print Reports
  • Office Data Edit includes: Open, View, Print and Edit; No New Data (secured)
  • Viewer: Inspection and Reports; No Editing or New Data
  • Disk Viewer provided to End User on Data CD (open, view data)
  • Template Setup Mode: Aries Standard and PACP Templates provided

Hardware Technology Requirements


  • Windows 7/8, 64-bit Operating System
  • Core 2 Duo (i3/i5/i7) @>2Ghz Intel Processor; 6G RAM; 500 HD (OS);
  • 1 TB HD (Data)
  • Graphics card that supports 1366 x 768 resolution
  • Video Capture Device: USB (External) Windows WDM Compatible device with audio; D1 or Better
  • Video Recording Codecs: MPEG-1 and MPRG-4 h.264
  • Audio Support: TTS (Anna or Mary) Automated Text to Speech Audio
  • Overlay Interfaces: Aries VL5000 or PipeTech Sentinel
  • Inclinometer System: Aries Multi-Conductor via VL5000 or Sentinel Interface Primary Database Format: SQLite (Export to Microsoft Access for NASSCO)

Sewer Data Management Webinar

5.1-SoftwareFunctionsThis informative webinar was sponsored by Trenchless Technology and presented by Aries and Peninsular Technologies. The presentation helped participants select software for inspection data collection and management. It included case studies and software demonstrations.



  • Easy to learn, set-up and use
  • Quick logging of data with Aries’ standard and PACP templates
  • Supported for Windows 7/8, 64-bit


  • Entry-level data management application
  • Ideal for basic in-the-truck use
  • Cost effective for small municipalities and contractors with basic requirements


  • Integrates with leading CCTV inspection systems
  • Direct data migration into PipeTech View for further in-office assessment
  • Direct upgrade path to PipeTech Scan
  • One year technical support includes software patches and upgrades
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