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Portable Pipeline Inspection Systems Go Where You Need to Go

The Aries' line of Portable Systems can operate all of our cameras and transporters, in addition to any of our data collection software suites. The control units are built and designed with all the features of a truck-mounted unit.

Aries’ Portable Pipeline Inspection Systems offer access to locations normally inaccessible to conventional equipment and can be installed in any vehicle. The Pathfinder Portable, Saturn Township III, and Seeker Portable Systems come standard with electronic footage display and keyboard.

  • Designed to work as a standalone system or in conjunction with your CCTV truck
  • Used in lateral lines and placed in a skid assembly for inspection of pipelines up to 12″ diameter, and is capable of video transmissions up to 300’.
  • 115° close-up, fixed-focus lens gives a 30% greater viewing area over the 70° lens in regions closest to the camera, therefore defects revealed in close-up view are easier to locate and define.
  • Stainless steel housing is a hard metal that is not worn or pitted by pipe surfaces or other materials in the line.
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