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Raptor Cutter


Control Lateral Reinstatement Cutters Remotely

Aries lateral reinstatement cutters are remotely controlled and not only work with our CCTV systems, but can be easily adapted to integrate with competitive systems with little downtime. Cutters are available for 6” to 21” pipes.

Aries’ Lateral Reinstatement Cutter Raptor Model CT2200 operates in 6” to 21” diameter lines and is designed to open and reinstate waste water service laterals or water pipe after relining. It can also grind off protruding laterals and pipe offsets prior to relining. Manufactured from stainless steel and bronze components for durability and long life. Designed to work in all types of pipelines for removing concrete, tree roots, rubber rings, metal, and all kinds of deposits.

  • Operated from control room of a TV/Cutter truck. Operator can view the cutting action from a monitor mounted in the control room. The monitor image is from a sewer TV camera towed in front of the cutter from a downstream manhole by an electric winch.
  • Runs off 110V AC and requires 125psi at 30cfm of air pressure.
  • Double sealed and is pressurized with nitrogen to keep moisture out of the cutter body. This pressurization is unique in the industry in that it keeps moisture out of the cutter body, thus maximizing motor and clutch life.
  • A .7hp and a 1.0hp motor are available with various collets and cutting bits.
  • The cutter control box provides all system controls, circuit protection, and current meters for Raptor operation. The game-style joystick makes the cutting operation easy and efficient, and eliminates clutter on the desktop.

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